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How HP Printers Make a Positive Impact on Australia’s Environment

There are many factors that industries must consider when buying office supplies and equipment. But one of the most important these days is related to the environment. Because Hewlett-Packard printers support and honour such ideals, the brand has become so popular in Australia, especially in Melbourne, Cairns, Sydney, and other cities.

In fact, the revolutionary initiative for the preservation of the environment which the HP Company has taken became its new milestone for continuous success. HP Printers is making a big impact in the environment, especially in Australia.

The Birth of HP’s Printer Cartridge Recycling

Hewlett Packard services and recycling advocacy have extended 20 miles southeast of Nashville in Smyrna, Tennessee where you can see an 80,000 square foot warehouse in which high-end production and recycling machines are housed. Since 2001, HP’s Smyrna plant opened and pioneered its use of a closed-loop recycling program. It manufactured the first ever completely recycled cartridges released in 2005.

The number of plastics being recycled between 2007 and 2011 has been impressive, and it continued to increase since then. Millions of pounds of recyclable plastics are being used by HP for its printer cartridges. Thanks to HP’s initiative, there is also an increasing number of plastic bottles removed from landfills. Now, HP has become one of the biggest contributors to Australia’s recycling program.

HP Latex Technology and the Environment

Over the years, printer companies make solvent and eco-solvent inks for wide-format printing and small-scale home use until the Hewlett Packard released a new HP multifunction printer that uses latex ink after the introduction of HP Latex technology in 2008. As one of the most sustainable companies in the world, HP continues to become the leading environmental advocate. They create various consumer awareness initiatives that magnify the benefits of using latex ink in the preservation of our ecosystem.

The people behind the success of HP help to solve the environmental issues that the world is facing through manufacturing not only the eco-friendly latex ink but also completely recycled ink cartridges. Through HP Planet Partners program in more than 50 countries, customers are given green and white envelopes to be used for the mailing of used ink cartridges back to HP headquarters for recycling, thus, closing the loop.

HP Recycling Program Goes Beyond Printer Cartridges

HP doesn’t only focus on recycling ink cartridges and manufacturing eco-friendly latex inks. They also pioneered the manufacturing of HP consumer photo paper using recycled fibre, reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles, and foam cushions and Clearview packaging for shipping high-end HP printers for sale. Even purchasing of renewable energy has become another milestone for HP to continually support environmental preservation. Now, Hewlett Packard Sydney is a member of Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP).

Go Green with HP

As a manufacturing company, Hewlett-Packard isn’t only a maker of quality printing lines. They are also one of the dignified leaders of environmental advocates that aim to continually preserve what’s left of the surroundings. Their signature printer ink HP Latex, as well as their other product lines, give utmost benefits not only to the environment but to the masses as well.


HP Latex among others is best for wide format printing operators, as well as for end-consumers. Also, HP products contribute a lot for the betterment of the environment and sustainability, and for encouraging people from different walks of life to take responsibility for the disposal of their office waste materials.

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