5 Convincing Reasons Why the HP Designjet T2530 Is a Must in Your Business

Every business, regardless of how small or big, requires a fully-functional printer. Despite the growing popularity of paperless transactions, it is undeniable that offices still need a machine that produces a hard copy of any document. Even your own home would need at least one to meet your needs of developing a handheld copy of photos and files alike. This is why many printer models have been released in the market. However, not all these will fit your needs.

functional printer

There are different types of printers from different brands. Regular models are meant for low-volume usage while commercial ones are designed to withstand nonstop use. One of the outstanding models that will be a great pick for your business is the Designjet T2530 from Hewlett-Packard.

Scan, Copy, Print Function with Touchscreen Panel

This is a multi-function machine that allows you to scan documents and photos, photocopy them, or reprint them. It is possible to copy and print in both coloured and black and white formats at the speed of 21 seconds per page on A1 sizes. Also, it can scan up to 600 dpi and reproduce up to 99 copies in one sitting.

You won’t need different machines to do all three tasks; three functions for the price of one. The best part is that you can do all these by just using the touchscreen panel in front of the machine.

Touchscreen Panel

6-Ink Capacity with CAD and GIS Compatibility

Most printers only have the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) inks loaded in it. However, the Designjet T2530 has more, apart from the basic. It has the G (Gray design), PK (Photo Black) and MK (Matte Black) as well. Although, only the CMYGPK uses the dye type ink while the MK ink uses the pigment type. Furthermore, each of these colours has their own print heads which makes it easier to clean regularly. You can print CAD and GIS drawings clearly.

Efficient Paper Input and Output with Workgroups

Feeding the paper to the machine can be a common problem, but not with this printer model.

There are 2 automatic front-loading roll feeds with smart roll switching and sheet feed capabilities. Just load the media in and let the machine do all the work.

It auto-aligns the margin of every sheet and even has the capacity of holding two rolls of continues paper. On the other hand, the output that comes out of the machine is stacked on the tray with a maximum capacity of 50 sheets. Any paper can be used of up to A1 size.

Convenient Unattended Printing Is Possible

Apart from the ease that is brought by the touch panel, you can also let the machine print out documents without constantly keeping an eye on it. It can be loaded with a 300-foot roll of paper which is automatically loaded into the machine as it does its work. The long length is advantageous, especially with large drawings or photos.

Mobile Printing Capability

With this equipment, you can mobile print and scan via several apps, such as Apple AirPrint, and HP All-in-One Printer Remote. It supports most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets too. This means you don’t need to access a computer just to send a print job. You can do so right from your mobile device.

Email printing is also supported. If you need a hard copy of a document attached in your email, you can send it directly to the HP Designjet T2530 and you will get a printout in no time.

Talk about printing on the go, right?

Eco-Friendly with Less Power Consumption

Lastly, the Designjet T2530 is designed to be less harmful to the environment. With a consumption of 120 Watts while in print mode and 1.3 Watts while in sleep mode, you are sure that the power usage is kept to a minimum. Also, this has been registered to EPEAT Bronze and was certified by ENERGY STAR which guarantees its eco-friendliness.

All things considered, it can be said that Hewlett-Packard is offering another great product with Designjet T2530. It is an outstanding printer perfect for both commercial and personal use.

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