We aim to be the world’s most sustainable and just tech company—taking urgent action to combat climate change, protect human rights, and accelerate digital equity.

We are concerned about the environment and take active parts in combating climate change in our own way through the recycling, while advocating for human rights and emphasizing digital equity.

HP introduces the Sustainable Impact Program for Partners to Emphasize Climate change Impact, Human Rights, and Digital Divide.

On February 2021, HP Inc. unveiled the HP Amplify Impact Program as the industry’s first partner assessment and training program that is targeted at enforcing significant change across the business’ three sustainable impact pillars.

Its impact pillars are–Planet (with a focus on climate change), People (its sole focus on social justice and advocating for human rights), and Community (to close the ever-expanding digital divide).

Partners that join the HP Amplify Impact Program pledge to work with HP to achieve these goals by assessing their own work practices across the three pillars and enjoy the benefit of tapping into HP’s extensive investments and initiatives.

As per HP’s Pillars, Amplify Impact program helps to empower partners to set bold, long-term objectives that drive positive impact worldwide. The program is on a mission to drive accountability throughout the IT industry by enrolling at least half of its HP Amplify partners in the voluntary Impact program by 2025.


Creating an Ecosystem of Accountability

This enrollment will create an ecosystem of accountability towards



The program driving towards a net-zero carbon, fully regenerative circular economy while creating tech industry’s most sustainable portfolio of technology, services and solutions.



Its focus is on ensuring human rights is respected and enabling improvement for people across the value chain while cultivating a diverse, impartial, and inclusive culture through active initiatives such as the HP Racial Equality and Social Justice Task Force.



This pillar focuses on empowering communities with the power of technology. It also strives to eliminate the digital divide that prevents many parts of the world from easy access to education, jobs, and healthcare needed to thrive.

According to Christoph Schell, HP Chief Commercial Official, “Our goal is to work with our partners to help drive a more circular and low-carbon economy, cultivate a more diverse, inclusive and equitable supply chain, and improve the resilience of local communities.”

“The strength and reach of our ecosystem are substantial and by bringing our partners with us on this journey, we can work together to create a more sustainable and just world.” He continued.


Our position

HP’s program appeals to us at Global Office Machines. As a company dedicated to creating the best environment mentally and physically for every member of our staff, we’re committed to following HP’s footpath to become a world leader in a sustainability program. We aim to do this while supporting the Australian Government’s commitment to achieve its net-zero-commission target by 2050.

As a proud partner of Planet Ark since 2011, we have contributed actively to the e-waste recycling program by recycling empty toner cartridges. We also offer a service where customers can drop off their e-waste and empty toner cartridges in our Rydalmere waste recycle point. This is a small but giant step in reducing waste and creating a more positive industry.