Managed Print Services Sydney



business assessment


Global Office Machines will undertake an assessment of your current business situation so we can grasp an understanding of your current and future printing needs, identify what workflow challenges you face and discuss your overall business goals.



Upon completion of the assessment, a strategy will be formulated specific to your business that will help overcome the aforementioned challenges, ultimately resulting in a smoother workflow and goal achievement.



Our team will seamlessly execute our action plan ensuring all business operations remain uninterrupted throughout the process. From day one, we are confident you will see an improvement in workflow and services.



Global Office Machines are committed to providing ongoing quality control and services throughout your journey with our company. Remote device management allows us to ensure minimal downtime and keep your business updated with the latest technology.



Managed Print Sydney

Here at Global Office Machines, we offer a program that can manage all aspects of your printing devices – ultimately helping you save money and boost productivity. A managed print service removes the headache of managing print devices by providing proactive support, regular assessment, and ongoing device optimisation. By engaging in a service agreement you will be able to maximise machine potential and save your business money as you will have full visibility and control over your printing costs. Our MPS is available with all brands of printers like HP, Samsung, Canon, and more.

It is not uncommon for printing costs to be overlooked within a business, however, this simple misjudgment is what causes companies to miss a staggering fact – roughly 5% of total annual revenue is a result of printing expenditure. Global Office Machines ensures that your company does not bear the burden of these expenses as we provide you with efficient service and supplies management. Let us look after your machine so that you can focus on what keeps your business running.

Contact our experienced team to discuss the managed print services solution that suits your business in Sydney.

Not sure if the managed print service is for you? We can also offer CopierPrinter rentals & leasing if you’d prefer to look after your own printing supplies. another option is one-off printer repairs for Laser printers, multifunction printers, plotters, and copiers. 


What is a managed print service?

This is a program offered by Global Office Machines in which we completely manage and optimise your printing device and office workflow. It may seem as simple as replacing toner cartridges and repairing broken machines, however, a well-executed managed print service plan can save your Sydney-based company money and significantly increase efficiency.

What is included in a managed print service?

For a monthly fee,  you no longer have to worry about paying for service calls, parts, and toners. Our qualified technicians in Sydney will be on site to service your machine, rectify any issues you may experience, and deliver your toner just as you’re running low through our remote device management tools.

How flexible are our managed print service plans?

At Global, customer satisfaction is our priority. We can absolutely customise our MPS programs to best suit your needs.

What are some benefits of a managed print service?

There is a multitude of benefits that going on a managed print service plan will deliver for your business. Not only will you be saving costs from day one, but allowing Global Office Machines to supervise your machine will take this pressure off internal members of the company and permit employees to focus on core business functions as opposed to worrying about printer maintenance.

What is the difference between a service agreement and a managed print service plan?

If you’re torn between going on a service agreement or a managed print service program, there are a couple of fundamental differences that will help you make your decision.

Wide Format Printer Service Agreement

When signed onto a service agreement for a wide format printer, there is a fixed monthly fee payable by the customer, and in exchange, there are no charges on any call-out fees, labour, or parts. In this scenario, it is important to note that the consumables are still charged at a discounted rate and the customer is to purchase them through Global Office Machines as required.

Printer/ Photocopier Service Agreement

Choosing a service agreement for your printer or photocopier essentially means that Global Office Machines will service and repair your machine as well as supply consumables all on a cost per page basis.

Managed Print Service

Electing to go on a managed print service plan essentially means that the customer is not charged for call-out fees, parts, services, or toner. On a MPS, rather than printing and paying for replacement toners regularly, you only pay a single fee per month that covers lease/ rental as well as a cost per print. Having your machine under a managed print Sydney services program lowers your on-hand inventory as we remotely monitor the printing and toner usage, sending your replacement toners right when you need them.

All our programs guarantee that you are prioritised to ensure minimal downtime from the point your machine breaks down till you’re back up and running. If you’re still having trouble deciding between any of our programs, give us a call and speak to our workflow print specialist who will be able to answer any further questions and make this decision simple and valuable.

Not sure if a managed print service plan is right for you?

Contact us or Speak to one of our Global Office Machines representatives on (02) 9874 4411 and they’ll be able to help you out with any further questions you may have regarding this program.