Photocopier Leasing and Rentals in Sydney

Copier Machine Rentals Sydney

If you want to maximise workflow and streamline your business, you need access to the latest copier models. However, not every company has enough money on hand to purchase these state-of-the-art machines outright. If that’s the case, why not consider photocopier & printer leasing and rentals for your Sydney business? 

At Global Office Machines, we can provide you with the fastest and most advanced colour, mono, multifunction and stand-alone photocopiers. All it takes is a small deposit and flexible payments over a fixed period. This means you get access to top brands like HP, Fuji Xerox Samsung, Kyocera, Canon, Konica and Develop without having to break your budget.

With high-end copying, printing, scanning, and faxing capabilities at your disposal, you can quickly take your production to the next level. You can even gain access to embedded security and wireless features that allow you to get work done from anywhere. Select from the latest models, including the Samsung MultiXpress MX7 series for high-volume copying, the Fuji Xerox C2060 and C3060 laser multifunction photocopier, the HP Laserjet Managed E78330z and many, many more.

Along with your new photocopier, you can take advantage of our managed print service where we take the hassle out of printing by making sure all your supplies, maintenance, and repairs are taken care of by our expert team.


What are the Benefits of Photocopier Hire? 

Leasing a photocopier has proved to be a much more practical choice for many Sydney businesses. As there are no significant upfront costs and you get instant access to the latest machines, the benefits to any small or mid-sized company are perfectly clear.

No High Outlay

New photocopiers can easily cost thousands of dollars, which can put an unnecessary strain on any company’s budget. By leasing instead, you can repay the cost in instalments while still getting access to the full capabilities of the copier. Plus, you can negotiate the term and the payments to best suit your budget.

Access to Latest Technologies

Photocopiers are always evolving, and so is the technology used to operate them. By renting a copier instead of purchasing one outright, you can ensure that you always have access to the latest model with the most advanced features. If your needs change, simply upgrade your copier rather than purchasing a new one. With the newest tech at your disposal, you can better streamline your workflow, which means you’ll see a return on your rental investment sooner rather than later.

Maintenance and Repairs are Covered

One of the biggest benefits of leasing a photocopier with Global Office Machines is that any maintenance and repairs required throughout the lease term are covered under the service agreement. As an authorised service centre, our technicians are fully qualified to provide expert advice and same-day repairs for businesses in Sydney and the Surrounds.

Better Budgeting and Business Planning

With regular repayments to be made over a fixed period, you’ll know exactly how much you need to pay each month well ahead of time. This allows you to better plan for other business expenses and investments.

Why Trust GOM with Your Copier Machine Rentals in Sydney?


At Global Office Machines, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all your photocopier leasing and rental needs. However, we also offer managed print services, printers and printing supplies with Australia-wide delivery.

Refurbished HP Photocopier

Superior Photocopiers for Lease in Sydney at Affordable Rates


For professional photocopier leasing and rentals in Sydney, Global Office Machines is the smart choice. Not only do we have the biggest brands and the best rental rates, but we can help you power up your workflow and grow your business without a major investment. Contact our specialists today and allow them to help you choose the right photocopier for your business needs.