Printer Types and Optimal Uses

The best way to know the perfect printer is to know what are you printing and the features that you need! Read on to this guide to learn about the different types of printers and what each type can do.

types-of-printersEach printer feature and design are manufactured for certain purpose and use. You can always use the device to its full extent and avoid future damage if you know the perfect printer based on your need or use. A professional printer service repair technician can advise you if your device is overused or underused.

After testing all printers, research shows that some printers are best among others for certain types of jobs.

The LED printer or monochrome laser is suitable for printing plain text, documents and spreadsheets. It is also the best choice for printing graphics and is one of the top rated and most preferred models because of the cheap price of its consumables.

The inkjet printer is the traditional multipurpose printing machine. It can be used for all types of printing, but ink or consumables cost higher than other types. It is also better at printing photos compared to laser printers and is economical in size. This is the one of the better choices for those looking for photo printers.

Laser printers offer faster printing speeds compared to other types of printers.

Plotter printers are those that interpret commands from your computer to print drawings on paper. They are different from regular printers because of their ability to print continuous lines such as those from vector graphics. If you shop around for this printer, you will find many different types to choose from.

Wide format printers are designed for large scale printing from 18 to 100 inches in width. When shopping for this type of printer, look for a grand or super wide format printer.

There are more advanced printers in the market designed to print specific materials. These printers include technical printers, printers for blueprints, and solid ink printers.

If your purpose is to print a document with black and white colours only, it is best to choose the mono laser printer. The device including its inks and consumables is the cheapest among all. Also if you want to print, scan and copy, all-in-one printer is the best for you! It has a complete built-in mechanism, in which you can copy and print a document or scan and save a document. This is the most convenient option for home or office use because it can perform all basic functions you would need. It also promises the highest value for your money since you no longer have to buy several machines or equipment.