Time for Another Rollout… The Samsung MX4300LX is flying out of the workshop!

Smart Ux App

With the introduction of the new year, the team at Global Office Machines have seen enquiries for Samsung’s latest photocopier range go through the roof and we all understand why. One of the biggest headache-causers in the workplace is undoubtedly the dreaded photocopier, however, Samsung have flipped this idea right on its head. People are actually excited to get a new printer now (crazy, right?). Never has the world seen a printing device with the capabilities and technology that the Samsung boasts… it has an android tablet as the front panel – that alone is reason to get onboard with the movement. The introduction of the SMART MultiXpress series came after Samsung set out on a goal to make printing as painless as possible.

Lee Sang Hoon, President of Samsung Electronics in Malaysia is excited about what their new machines can bring to the workplace. “Samsung is a user-centric innovator… Our new printer line will enhance productivity for businesses seeking class technology for seamless integration into their work environment.” The tagline for the photocopier rollout is “Smartify Your Business” and that is exactly what Samsung is offering with these new products. OCR scanning, direct web access through the tablet and apps/ widgets are just a few reasons why this machine is head and shoulders above what else is on the market.

We’ve all heard the term “if you can’t beat them, join them” (or buy them) and that’s exactly what HP just did. Two of the industry giants were going head to head until HP decided to outlay $1.05 billion (yes, that wasn’t a typo) and buy the Samsung printing business.  The A3 photocopier market signifies HP’s largest growth opportunity in the printing business and they knew that Samsung were going to be direct competitors. Upon assessing Samsung’s photocopier range they could tell the technology was too good to top so they decided it was time to make a deal.

I had a chat with the Senior Technician here at GOM, Daniel, and asked him what he thought about these new machines. “I’ve been a technician for a long time and never have I seen such demand for a printer. Every week we’re running up brand new machines for delivery to customers.” He continued to tell me that although the new Samsung range will “woo” a lot of customers with its visual appearance, the technical specifications are particularly impressive. This is the first time he has worked with a photocopier that has such an advanced user face allowing the machine to be as simple as you need it with the potential of becoming a sophisticated printer.

If you think it’s time to get rid of the headache in the office and upgrade to the industry’s most innovative piece of equipment (… or you just want to learn more about the fancy Android tablet), get in touch with the team at Global Office Machines.
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