Selecting Multifunction Printers for Mid-Size Offices in Sydney

We are a company that offers onsite printer setup and repair in Sydney. Over the years, our technical and sales teams have been gone to various offices and have done business with mostly small and medium enterprises. As we have catered to a huge number of these types of clients, we stay updated as to what makes an efficient and economical office work printer in the eyes of SMEs.

The Advantage of Using MFPs as Office Work Printers

Our sales and technical teams, who are the frontliners in this line of business, said that multifunction printers are the commonly used printers in most mid-size offices all around Sydney. Client feedback typically emphasises on the advantages of MFPs for almost all kinds of businesses—from small to large corporations.

MFPs are built with the capability to print, copy, scan, and fax documents in compact designs. Their primary attributes contribute to their space and time-saving advantage. Instead of using four different machines for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, replacing them with a multifunctional office work printer will save a lot of space. Aside from that, maximising expense ceiling, as well as increasing profit by cutting maintenance costs can be possible.

Using an MFP as an office work printer can save not only money. It can also help reduce waste and energy consumption. Connecting it to a network that every employee can use can greatly save time and energy. Also, it uses the same ink tanks for all features, reducing waste from these consumables. Check out our multifunction laser printers as well!

Choosing a Multifunction Laser Printer for Your Office

A laser printer is known as the most practical printer used for commercial purposes because of its capability to print documents in bulk. Unlike an inkjet type, it uses dry ink (known as toner), and mostly has a monochrome output. The laser printing process involves “drawing” of the document by a laser to a charged image drum. The toner is then infused and placed on the paper using electrical charge.

Multifunctional laser monochrome printers may come with a pricey initial cost, but will eventually have a low running cost. Color laser printers, on the other hand, are 10 times more expensive than the monochrome type. This is because toner can last longer that an inkjet cartridge, making it economical in the long run. Another thing is that text printed through a laser printer won’t smudge when wet.

When talking about printer languages, most laser printers are controlled through a page description language following the Printer Control Language (PCL) standard. PCL is cheaper compared to PostScript PDL though it still delivers high quality output.

When choosing a multifunction office work printer, you need to consider the following:

  • Determine the type of documents you are usually printing. Also, consider the number of pages you need to print in a day or within the week.
  • Evaluate your process norms to help you decide which type of laser printer you should buy. Consider the media you use, volume of printouts to determine the number of paper trays that you need, and the number of paper you need in a continuous printing process.
  • Try to compare printing quality, speed specs, and resolutions of different printer brands.
  • Consider evaluating if the printer can print envelopes, card stocks, transparent papers.
  • Find out warranties and post-sale services.

Multifunction Printer Maintenance

When you encounter trouble with your office work printer, your office operation will suffer. We at Global Office Machines offer multifunction printer repair services wherever you are in Sydney so contact us right away in the event of a printer issue. Some of the brands we service are Canon, HP, Sharp, and Brother. You can book our services or call our office anytime at 1300 882 852 or (02) 9874 4411.