Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Buy a New Photocopier

Photocopiers are used to make multiple copies of memos, reports, or even promotional materials like leaflets. It is important for a business to have a good and functioning machine that can do its work without any trouble.

But when it starts to cause problems, how long should you hold out before buying a replacement. Here are the common tell-tale signs that it is time to buy a new photocopy machine:

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Slower Photocopying Process

Is the photocopier taking longer to make copies than it used to? Every machine has its standard copy/print speed that you will be able to identify as you continuously use it. Through time, this will slow down due to different probable factors; environment, wear and tear on mechanical parts, etc. Some printers will have reduced output, while some will produce low-quality output.
Such inefficiencies should not be ignored, especially if these lead to reduced productivity. Since it’s anything slow and low-quality is bad for business, consider replacing your old photocopier with a new one.

Constant Need of Repair

Another problem is the constant need for the photocopier to be repaired. Sometimes it can start with the print head, other times it can be the mechanical part that loads the paper inside the machine. This persistent repair work can be a sign that your printer is can no longer do its job properly.

Choosing to ignore the problem because a replacement may be expensive will become a costly mistake in the long run. Later on, the broken parts will break down faster and the expenses you incur will amount to a sum bigger in comparison to the price of a new photocopier.

But, should you choose to have your printers repaired, we at GOM can provide you with our excellent services. We can extend the life of your machine until such time that you can afford a replacement.

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No More Driver Updates Available

Any printer will not run without its driver, which is updated from time to time to fix bugs and inefficiencies. Having the updated version of the software that makes your machine run is important. This is mostly because it makes the photocopier stay on top of its performance level. It is also needed for repairs, particularly on the software side. When the manufacturer no longer provides updates and support for your photocopier, consider updating your machine instead.

Spending More on Copying Cost

The figures you need to get the copying or printing cost is easy. You can calculate how much the cost of your toner or ink is and divide it by the total amount of output you can make out of a single consumable. Most copiers that need replacement have a lower printout rate with the same amount of raw material it consumes. This also relates to the efficiency of the printer which was discussed above. Instead of spending more on a printing machine that costs you more, you can invest in a new one instead that has a lower printing cost.

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Printing Load Is Too Small for the Business

Sometimes, the problem is not really on the printer. There are instances that your current photocopier is no longer the right one for you. This happens when you are expanding your business and the load you need for the copier is too big for its capacity. While you can still utilise the old photocopy machine, it can only do so much before it breaks down. Ideally, a bigger machine is to be used.

Look out for these signs that tell you that it is already time for you to get a new photocopier. Upgrade your current machine and find the best one from the variety of photocopiers for sale from Global Office Machines. Contact our team for expert assistance, from repair to replacement.