Printer Maintenance Tips

printer maintenanceOnce you have made an investment into a LaserJet, fax machine, Multi-function machine, or a wide format printer, you will need to keep your machine maintained. Learning how to maintain your printer could save you thousands of dollars in the long run in terms of repair costs. The worst thing about spending that much money is knowing that you could have prevented most of these problems from happening in the first place. The importance of looking after your printer could not be emphasised any further. There are several ways you are able to keep the machine printer maintenance and some will not cost yourself or your company a cent.

Take note of these printer maintenance tips:

– Make sure your printer is located in a safe area free from any liquids, spills, dust and dangerous equipment.

– Make it a habit to clean the outside of your printer regularly. Do this at least once a week. With a lint-free and slightly damp cloth, wipe away any dust or dirt that might have settled on the outside of the printer. Avoid using strong chemicals, though, as it can do more harm than good.

– Just as you have to clean the outside, you should also do the same on the inside. Remove the toner cartridge and clean the printer’s paper path. This will ensure that the printer runs smoothly and avoid common problems such as paper jam.

– Invest in a maintenance kit. You will be able to purchase these kits at reasonable prices in most stores. This kit will provide all of the essential supplies you need to care for your printer.

– Let your printer rest; when you leave the office for the day, turn the machine off.

– Try this easy maintenance tip for your printer: print a blank page. This will help to get rid of any stray toner or dust particles that might have settled inside the printer’s paper path.

– Keep it covered. Any foreign object that can enter into the printer can cause damage or cause it to malfunction. Hence, always keep it covered when not in use.

– Make the manual your friend. The instruction manual that goes with your purchase of a printer is there for a reason. You should therefore make use of it to fix any problems or troubleshoot your printer. The best thing about reading the manual is that the instruction provided is catered specifically for your printer model.

– Get your machine serviced on a regular basis, this varies on how often your machine is used, an experienced technician can advise how often, it can vary from every 3 months, 6 months to once a year. Come up with a long term printer maintenance plan.

– Listen to your machine, if there is an error message appearing, follow the steps it recommends. If this doesn’t clear the error, call your technician and see what they advise for the next steps. If your machine is out of consumables make sure you replace them ASAP.

– Recognise when your printer needs a repair, don’t always think that you are able to repair the machine yourself; most issues do require a technician and will not be resolved by simply pulling the visible paper out. Get an experienced technician out to you ASAP.

No printer is perfect; you will most likely encounter common problems such as printer paper jams, smudges, and the like. But you can avoid unwanted expenses if you make the right investment in terms of maintenance. You should therefore following the advice on maintaining your printer to avoid trouble in the future.

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