Go On, Make Your Printing Habits Greener!

So, you’ve become a little more environmentally friendly at home and would like to try employing same initiative to build a greener work environment – Congratulations to you! Greener printing habits can go a long way in reducing environmental damage. Whether you’re working with a laser printer or perhaps an inkjet printer, here’s some food for thought in making your printing methods and printers more eco-friendly:

hp printer– Cut down your colour printing – If you don’t need to print in colour and are able to avoid it, then manage this step! This saves you money and then saves a gigantic ton of energy. In between practicality, getting more bang for your buck and saving the environment, there are so many benefits to reducing on your colour printing habits!

– Print double sided papers – If you’re able to, employ a printer that comes with duplex printing capabilities. Yet, if your workplace doesn’t own a printer that has got this feature, suggesting the purchase decision of one and emphasize the price reductions your workplace will reap some benefits from. They will use less paper and less power. It might be a simple step but it can have a huge impact in the long run, which is what eco-friendly printing is all about.

– Make use of a multifunction device – Running a printing machine, scanner, copier and fax all in one is more effective than having four or five individual machines plugged in all over the place. It is not uncommon to find such equipment in the market these days. The all-in-one printer can do the work of a scanner, printer and other similar office devices. This is not merely a location saver but a tremendous energy saver too! You can free up the clutter in your office as one device has replaced the function of three to four equipment. At the same time, it will significantly reduce your operational costs!

– Recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges – There are many different drop-off locations throughout Sydney available, some of which may offer you a small refund in exchange for your empty cartridges.

– Purchase compatible ink and toner cartridges for your printers – Over 90per cent of compatible ink and toner cartridges use re-cycled matter and are just as good, if not considerably better than many of the genuine cartridges sold in the market. this is great way to cut down on your printing costs.

– Choose your paper wisely. When buying printers, you should not only take into account the type of printer you use. You need to choose and invest in eco-conscious printing materials too. Support companies that dedicate themselves to the manufacture of paper from recycled content or using sustainable materials. This is a good way to incentivise companies that make an effort to protect the environment.

– Take note of printer service & settings. There are certain features and capabilities embedded with each model of printer you buy. However, it also pays to tweak the settings and explore those functions with these environmentally friendly printing tips. Make sure you use the correct print mode to save on ink that you are using with each print. Also, choose fonts with thinner typefaces so that it will consume less ink when printing. And when you are printing texts, choose the black ink only option on your printer so that it is not compelled to use coloured ink (which is expensive) for printing. Finally, always preview your documents before you hit the Print button. In some cases, there are only a couple of lines to be printed for the last page. You might want to edit the document such that you can save that one last page.

These are just a few of the many actions you can take in order to make your ecological footprint lighter. You have nothing to lose by switching to green printing but you have a lot to gain. Contact us today for an HP printer repair service in Sydney.