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Global Office Machines understands the need for prompt service and an in depth knowledge of HP printer repairs.

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If you are experiencing problems with your HP printer, give us a call on 1300 882 852 to get it assessed and repaired by one of our skilled technicians.

If your Hewlett Packard printer malfunctions it’s crucial you consult a qualified technician as soon as the issue is detected. With minor problems with your machine it’s easy to think short term, to dismiss the issues and not call out a repairman. Long term, if these issues are not fixed they could worsen over time and could even result in you having to buy a completely new printer. In the business of printer repairs since 1996, we offer a proficient HP repair service at competitive prices in Sydney. We want to help you avoid a costly reinvestment in a new machine.

Excellent Customer Service

Global Office Machines understands the need for prompt service and an in depth knowledge of HP printer repairs. Excelling in these two areas is key to our effective customer service, and has earned us a wealth of returning customers over the years. Our qualified and friendly staff members are always happy to answer all your queries and discuss your issues with you. Seek the help of Global Office Machines’ trusted printer repairs service in Sydney to fix your broken HP printer. Customers value our speedy response, expertise of our skilled technicians and reasonable prices and that is why we can say with confidence “it’s all about the service”.

How to Choose the Right HP Printer Repair Centre?

A dysfunctional printer harms the productivity of your business. You may be forced to postpone projects and communications, which can be frustrating and detrimental to the efficiency of any busy company. If you are having issues, seek the help of an HP printer repairs service in Sydney to prevent disruption to your daily work. Our hp authorised repairers will take perfect care of your printer. Below are some of the criteria you ought to incorporate into your search for the best printer repairs company for your business. Check out our other printer repairs services as well!

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HP Printer repair issues cost money and time: let GOM simplify your office machine maintenance and repair procedures.

Prompt communication and repair

A good provider should be readily available when you have a problem with your Hewlett Packard printer. They should respond quickly so that you can get back to work as soon as possible. Offering a same day onsite repair service throughout Sydney, Global Office Machines will send out a technician to determine and begin the process of fixing your problem, to cause minimum disruption to your productivity. When your business is put on hold due to a fault with an HP printer, a slow repair company is not a good partner. This makes response time one of the first priorities when choosing a repair company, and why we ensure fast printer repairs as part of our service package. The report of the issue should be received and acted on as soon as possible so that your business can get back up and running. Responsiveness, effective and efficient communication and service are all indicators of a reputable company.


Ensure that the HP printer repairs company based in Sydney that you have selected has certified and qualified HP technicians, who know their way around your machine. They should be able to identify what is wrong with your printer and use their knowledge and expertise to give the right repair service. Global Office Machines’ technicians are experts in their field, and receive up to date training on new models of printer, meaning they are able to fix various HP models. They also carry an inventory of spare parts to make the process of repairing your printer fast and efficient.


The Sydney HP printer repair experts you choose should be one that has been in the business for a long time and with that, a long record of experience. By entrusting your printer to an inexperienced company you take the risk that they could even damage, rather than repair, your machine. Checking the internet to review past experiences previous customers have had, as well as looking at the kind of clients the company serves can help decide on the right repair company for the job. Global Office machines has been repairing Hewlett Packard printers in Sydney since 1996 for both small and large clients, making them one of the most experienced companies in the local area.


Though getting your malfunctioning printer back up and running as soon as possible will keep halted productivity to a minimum, another important consideration is the cost of the repair. A balance between quality of service and affordability is what Global Office Machines seeks to offer both new and returning customers, so you can benefit from a cost-effective service. Get in contact with Global Office Machines and get your HP printer back up and running so you can get back to work.

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