Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing Brother Printer Errors

Global Office Machines technicians are the best in Australia at servicing Brother printer malfunctions and errors. Here, our people share their top troubleshooting tips that you can do yourself:

In cases where your Brother laser printer, all-in-one printer or fax machine stops functioning, the first thing to look for is an error message on the LCD display. Generally, an error message or error status code will appear. Implementing most error solutions are best left to professionals. Global Office Machines Brother Laser Printer Repairs can be booked in for same-day on-site service.

Man repairing Brother printer in a Sydney office

Some Brother printer repairs can be done yourself.

Simple Brother printer fix

If the error message or code on your malfunctioning Brother printer is beyond your grasp, we suggest trying a simple fix, if applicable:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Control Panel Home (on the left) > System & Maintenance (on the top).
  2. Scroll down and click Administrative Tools
  3. Double-click on Services > scroll down to Print Spooler > right-click Print Spooler > restart
  4. Double-click on Print Spooler > select Automatic for ‘startup type’ > apply > click Ok
  5. Try running a print job

Common Brother Printer issues and solutions

Brother Printers are world-class machines featuring the latest technilogical innovations. That means that many repairs may be too complex to be handled by the layperson. Global Office Machines offers full printer repair service on all Brother models, serving the greater Sydney area with a fleet of mobile service vans manned by certified printer repair technicians.

Because we specialise in both printer repairs and sales, buying from GOM means that technicians will help set up your machine and walk you through basic troubleshooting steps that you can handle in-house.

Common repairs that we can teach you to do yourself include replacing a tray feed kit; replacing a waste toner box; clearing a paper jam in a duplex unit.

Here are some other potential issues that may need the help of a technician:

  • Error Code 54: the fuser unit needs to be replaced
  • Error Code 55: the laser unit needs to be replaced
  • Error Code 7D: the drum unit is contaminated with dirt and needs cleaning
  • Error Code 5E: The belt unit needs to be replaced.

If you are located in the Sydney area and would like a quote for us to fix any of these issues, please Contact Us today.

Brother printer sales and service

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