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If your Samsung printer breaks down, your first priority is to find a fast and reliable Samsung printer repairs company that can offer your fast service at a good price. A broken printer throws a spanner in the works or your well-oiled office processes and disrupts projects, documentation and internal and external communications. Global Office Machines offer a same day Sydney wide printer repair service to all early bird callers, as well as a fixed call out fee on all our repair jobs which results in a time and cost effective repair. Call us on 1300 882 852 or book in an appointment using the booking form below and our Samsung repair experts will attend to your machine.

The reputable electronic giant Samsung has released numerous models of printer, all of which can present a complex range of problems. As an authorised Samsung service centre GOM are the experts in Sydney for Samsung printer repairs. Established in 1996, Global Office Machines have over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and our friendly and competent technicians receive up to date training on new Samsung printer models to ensure that they are as ready to repair an older Samsung CLP-315 Color Laser Printer as they are a brand new Samsung Printer Xpress C480FW. They are based in mobile workshops all around Sydney and carry an inventory of spare parts should your Samsung printer repair job call for a replacement. Below we have rounded up a few of the most common issues that could be the reason for your printer malfunction and the steps our team might take to repair the issue. Our technicians will be able to expertly asses and fix the problem, while also advising you on usage best practices to ensure the long term health of your machine.

  • Scanning error: This error message is typically a hardware error and can often be solved by replacing the USB cable. Your technician will be able to evaluate this issue. At times, poor and worn out quality of cable wire fails to transmit the great amount of data required by a scanner.
  • Paper jam: This is a common problem in almost all printers. In such instances, the sensors located next to the exit rollers must be checked. If they are damaged or in an incorrect position, then this may cause the printing paper to be jammed. We will repair the sensors if possible, or replace them.
  • Square prints: Sometimes it so happens that your Samsung laser printer prints square shaped characters instead of regular text. It may happen if you are printing from websites where your printer fails to recognise the type of font used in the text. In order to fix this issue our Samsung printer repairs technician might suggest you to reinstall all the required drivers.
  • Missing print: Sometimes only a part of the whole page gets printed, and the other portion is left blank. This may happen due to the incorrect configuration of paper size.
  • H2 error code: It indicates there is a trouble with the fuse when warming up. If you face this kind of error message, then give us a call to check whether all the necessary cables are in proper connection, and where exactly the problem lies.
  • Media tray empty: Even when your tray is full of paper, you may get this kind of notification on your Samsung laser printer display. You may try to rectify this problem by updating the drivers as instructed on Samsung’s authorised website.
  • Toner light always on: Even after you have replaced the toner cartridge, it may continue to be switched on. This occurs when the fuse in the front of the cartridge malfunctions. We can address this issue and replace it with a 50mp fuse.
  • Error code 24, 50, 16: The first one indicates that there’s an overload of work pressure on the printer, whereas 50 suggests malfunction in the fuse that is hindering the printer from heating up effectively. You can try to solve this problem by switching it off or resetting it for 15 minutes. In case the problem is not solved with these basic steps, it may indicate a fault in the AC power or in the fuser assembly. Error code 16 suggests low toner distribution in the cartridge which may require thorough cleaning and maintenance of the Samsung laser printer by an experienced professional.

If your printer is continuously causing trouble and interrupting you or your business’ productivity, you’ll need to call on a qualified Samsung printer repair firm before the problems develop into a more expensive and time consuming issue. Contact GOM on 1300 882 852 and have our skilled technicians determine and fix your problem and get your printer back up and running as soon as possible.