Installing Printer Software in 5 Easy Ways

install printer software

Printers have become the quintessential office and home tool. However, despite how advanced most printers are nowadays the need for installing compatible printer software that will allow you to control your printer is still very necessary. From specialist photo printers, to small home machines to huge technical plotter, each printer model type has specialised software to maximise its use. The HP DesignJet Click software for example, is explicitly designed to make fast one click printing from a PC or a Mac possible. If you are someone who is not familiar with how to install printer software then we’ve broken it down into 5 steps.

How to install printer software?

1. Read the manual

Although this is a no brainer, a lot of people disregard this and rush straight to installation and connecting parts right away. It’s key to follow the manual when it comes to installing the software. Often a link to a website or resource where you can download software is provided in case you have lost your original copy (usually a small disc that is included in the box). Aside from that, it gives you an overview of the specs of your printer. It will also tell you specific instructions on how to ensure the longevity of your printer.

2. Connect your computer to your printer

Most printer brands such as HP and Canon offers two ways that you can connect to your printer. The first one is through a wireless connection via WiFi and the second one is a hardwired connection via USB. Make sure you do this, otherwise you will not be able to communicate with your printer at all.

3. Turn the printer on

This is very self-explanatory. Of course, how on earth are you going to communicate with it if it does not even have power? Make sure that you are plugging it to the right power source and follow the correct voltage that is being specified in the manual to avoid accidents.

4. Wait for your OS (operating system) to recognise the program

When you install printer software after downloading it or by transferring it to your computer using the disc that is included in the package, the operating system that your computer uses will automatically detect it if they are compatible with each other. HP printers for example are compatible with most available operating systems in the market such as Linux, Windows and MAC.

5. Install printer software

Once the operating system detects the program or software that you have connected, you will be prompted to read some instructions. Alongside these instructions are the manufacturer terms and conditions. Once you have accepted these conditions, click install and wait for the program to be fully functional.

After installation you can now use the printer software to send commands to your printer via your computer. These include scanning, cleaning, printing and copying, depending on your printer model.

Helpful tips

  • Always keep in mind that you have to take note of the CD key or the license key of the software so that anytime you accidentally delete the software, you can still re install it.
  • Make sure that when you install printer software that is authentic and comes from the printer provider that you have chosen. Although other software or authorised software from other sources may function as expected, printer software that is downloaded from unauthorised websites might come with viruses and malware which can harm your computer.