Printer Types and Optimal Uses

The best way to know the perfect printer is to know what are you printing and the features that you need! Read on to this guide to learn about the different types of printers and what each type can do. Each printer feature and design are manufactured for certain purpose and use. You can alwaysContinue Reading

Choose the Best Printer for Home or Office

The best printer will always be the printer that fits your budget and suits your needs. But with the increasing amount of new printer models being released into the market, it makes choosing more difficult for consumers. You have so many to consider aside from budget and brand preference – you need to take intoContinue Reading

Common Printer Problems

Are you having issues and problems with your printer? If so, we can help you on how to solve common printer problems. It is important to know the basic troubleshooting methods for your printer so you do not have to call on a technician every time there is an issue. However, it is also importantContinue Reading

Printer Maintenance Tips

Once you have made an investment into a LaserJet, fax machine, Multi-function machine, or a wide format printer, you will need to keep your machine maintained. Learning how to maintain your printer could save you thousands of dollars in the long run in terms of repair costs. The worst thing about spending that much moneyContinue Reading

Are you tired of wasting money on printing consumables?

We have the solution for you! Compatible toner and inks! Here at Global Office Machines we highly recommend the PrintRite brand of compatible solutions which will keep your printing overhead costs low. Not only is the brand globally recognised and accredited they also have the same quality as any genuine consumable. Often customers find theyContinue Reading

STOP! No Paper Jam on your Machine!

When you experience a paper jam, the natural instinct is to yank that paper out of the machine. However, most of the time, this can cause a lot more issues than it’s worth! You need to know the proper way to fix paper jams so you do not cause trouble to your unit. There areContinue Reading

Go On, Make Your Printing Habits Greener!

So, you’ve become a little more environmentally friendly at home and would like to try employing same initiative to build a greener work environment – Congratulations to you! Greener printing habits can go a long way in reducing environmental damage. Whether you’re working with a laser printer or perhaps an inkjet printer, here’s some foodContinue Reading