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What’s new in the HP DesignJet World?

During a Global Print Expo in Berlin, HP revealed two new large format printers in their “design” printer range – the Z6 and Z9+. In order to suit all potential customers, they have designed both models in a 24 and 44 inch size. Perhaps the most impressive feature of these new machines is the Pixel Control colour technology – this is the first time it’s ever been launched in a HP product. These Pixel Control pipelines together with the HP Nozzle Architecture provide users with true-to-colour prints made using 9 different coloured inks. Some other impressive features include onboard vertical trimmers and a redesigned poster application.


HP reports that these new machines will be able to print 2.5x faster than the DesignJet Z3200 photo printer all while using fewer inks. What benefit does this have for customers? Improved performance and reduced running costs.


“The new DesignJet Z Printer series radically enhances the customer experience and reinvents printing possibilities for both professional photo and signage to ignite business growth and adapt to future needs,” said Guayente Sanmartin, General Manager and Global Head, HP Large Format Design Printing, HP Inc. “We thoughtfully designed the new printers to deliver impressive photo quality without compromising time resources and output speeds with the new vertical trimmer and innovative colour technologies.”

HP detailed a few of the technologies and features that were included in the new range.

  • HP Pixel Control: Achieve true-to-color prints and an expanded color gamut with RGB HP Vivid Photo Inks, featuring chromatic red, chromatic green, and chromatic blue, the i1 embedded spectrophotometer and HP Pixel Control. HP Pixel Control is truly digital color pipeline designed for outstanding, consistent image quality delivered by controlling every print-ready pixel. Combining HP HDNA with HP Pixel Control, users get amazing image quality with just nine inks versus 12 compared to the previous generation HP DesignJet. The new printers also offer HP Professional PANTONE Emulation to match Brand identity colors.
  • Dual drop technology: Produce prints with clear details and high-contrast color with dual drop technology powered by HP Nozzle Architecture (HDNA) and high-definition printheads. The HP DesignJet Z9+ features an upgradable configuration for a higher gloss output.
  • Tools to create: Simplify large format printing with a redesigned poster application in the HP Applications Center, which also includes Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Vecteezy, and Pattern Design, offers customers access to the necessary tools for creating beautiful, original signs, and posters. The HP Applications Center also embeds augmented reality (AR) technology to ignite the creation of more meaningful and engaging content for print.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Durability: Create prints with highly-stable pigment HP Vivid Photo Inks that provide water-resistant, fade-resistant prints for long-term indoor display and, when printed on suitable water-resistant media, outdoor display. HP Vivid Photo Inks gives PSPs the assurance that the prints they make for their customers will last as long as possible.
  • Security: Take advantage of the industry’s most secure printers with HP Secure Boot, whitelisting, authentication solutions, and HP JetAdvantage Security manager to safeguard printers and data for enterprise and government.
  • HP PrintOS: Remotely manage the print production environment from anywhere at any time with HP PrintOS now offered on the HP DesignJet Z Printer series.


For all enquiries about the brand new Z Series range, contact the team at Global Office Machines on 1300 882 852, or email

Inkjet or Laser – Which way to go?

Of all the questions that the team at GOM are asked on a daily basis, what is the most frequently asked? Easy, “should I buy an inkjet or laser printer?” Now although there’s no concrete answer to this question because everyone uses their machine for different purposes and applications, this post is going to break down the fundamental differences between an inkjet and laser printer as well as describe which machine is better for particular functions.

Essentially, the core difference between the two types of machines is that inkjets utilise liquid ink that are sprayed through microscopic nozzles onto the paper, whereas laser printers contain toner cartridges filled with a fine powder that is transferred onto the page and bonded to the paper with a fuser. There is a common misconception that inkjet printers are more versatile in the sense of being compact machines that are smaller and easily transportable, however, nowadays even laser machines are quite suitably sized for even private home-use printers.

Although inkjets seem more attractive as they are a significantly cheaper upfront cost, people tend to neglect the ongoing costs and as a matter of fact, this is one of the most important considerations throughout this debate. You only pay for the printer once, but you’re paying for inks (or toners) many more times than that. A practical example may help put this into perspective.






HP ENVY 5640



RRP On HP Store
Cartridge price (black)
Average page yield
Cost per A4 page

The above table highlights that although laser printers have a higher upfront cost, they are a much better economical choice when it comes to running the machine over a period of time. You will definitely get more usage and a longer lifespan out of a laser machine, not only because they are a sturdier built machine but also from a serviceability perspective. If your laser machine was to breakdown, a technician can come out to either repair the machine or replace parts to get it back up and running, however, in the case of an inkjet printer once something goes wrong nine out of ten times you’re better off throwing the machine out and buying a brand new one – you’d actually save some money that way. It may sound good but if this is a common occurrence, you won’t be saving much at all.

Now another important factor to consider is the application the machine will be used for. For high volume text printing, laser machines are absolutely the way to go for the reason previously mentioned – cheaper ongoing costs and a longer lasting machine. If you simply need the printer to do some text printing every now and again as well as some images, an inkjet machine may be the most suitable option. By nature, ink is ideal for photos and colour printing so if you need a machine to print graphics you can expect better quality from an inkjet.

Final Breakdown and Wrap Up


At the end of the day, it’s all going to come down to what you’re using the printer for. Although the laser printer is cheaper to run and will typically last you much longer than an inkjet, if you need your machine to print quality graphics, it would be unwise to go with a laser.  Hopefully this blog gave you a better idea of which machine would be most suitable for your needs, however, if you still have some questions or you’ve decided what you need, contact the team at Global Office Machines – we can assist with all general and sales-related enquiries.

Back to Back Winners!


For two years running, Global Office Machines have taken out a prestigious award at the annual HP DesignJet Winner’s Circle conference. As a HP Gold Partner, Global Office Machines and Hewlett Packard have maintained an unmatched relationship for many years providing thousands of customers with unbelievable deals and ongoing support.

2016 saw the company receive the award for Outstanding Performance and Contribution on Year-Over-Year Growth in the entire Asia Pacific region. This was a remarkable achievement for the team at Global as they had made a conscious decision to push their limits in the wide format space and evidently saw results from their efforts.  “Our winners really have hit the ball out of the park this year and enjoyed spectacular growth with HP” Robert Mesaros, HP managing director.

Aiming to build on their success from the previous year, Global continued to heighten their presence in the DesignJet market. Large Format Partner of the Year was next in store for the team at Global as Service Director Andy Lawandos was invited to the 2017 Winner’s Circle conference in Barcelona – the home of HP DesignJet. Here, he accepted the award for the company’s exceptional achievement and was introduced to some prototypes that HP had up their sleeve.

One machine in particular that was on display was HP’s newest T1700 – arguably their most impressive technical machine to date. Andy saw the incredible potential that this machine has and is already cooking up some ideas for the way the T1700 will take the market by storm. More information will be released regarding this machine in upcoming blogs so be sure to check out future posts.

“The HP centre in Barcelona was amazing! Seeing all the DesignJet machines lined up in one room just opened my eyes to the outstanding quality that the machines are capable of producing. Being at the birthplace of HP DesignJet is something I won’t forget.” – Andy Lawandos, Service Director

Designjet display room in Barcelona

Back from Barcelona and inspired by HP’s presentations, Andy and the team at Global are back in the mix and ready to go for the 2018 awards. If you’re interested to hear more about the HP DesignJet range or have considered upgrading your wide format machine, get in touch with us at GOM and we’ll be sure to accommodate for your needs.

5 Convincing Reasons Why the HP Designjet T2530 Is a Must in Your Business

Every business, regardless of how small or big, requires a fully-functional printer. Despite the growing popularity of paperless transactions, it is undeniable that offices still need a machine that produces a hard copy of any document. Even your own home would need at least one to meet your needs of developing a handheld copy of photos and files alike. This is why many printer models have been released in the market. However, not all these will fit your needs.

There are different types of printers from different brands. Regular models are meant for low-volume usage while commercial ones are designed to withstand nonstop use. One of the outstanding models that will be a great pick for your business is the Designjet T2530 from Hewlett-Packard.

Scan, Copy, Print Function with Touchscreen Panel

This is a multi-function machine that allows you to scan documents and photos, photocopy them, or reprint them. It is possible to copy and print in both coloured and black and white formats at the speed of 21 seconds per page on A1 sizes. Also, it can scan up to 600 dpi and reproduce up to 99 copies in one sitting.

You won’t need different machines to do all three tasks; three functions for the price of one. The best part is that you can do all these by just using the touchscreen panel in front of the machine.

6-Ink Capacity with CAD and GIS Compatibility

Most printers only have the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) inks loaded in it. However, the Designjet T2530 has more, apart from the basic. It has the G (Gray design), PK (Photo Black) and MK (Matte Black) as well. Although, only the CMYGPK uses the dye type ink while the MK ink uses the pigment type. Furthermore, each of these colours has their own print heads which makes it easier to clean regularly. You can print CAD and GIS drawings clearly.

Efficient Paper Input and Output with Workgroups

Feeding the paper to the machine can be a common problem, but not with this printer model.

There are 2 automatic front-loading roll feeds with smart roll switching and sheet feed capabilities. Just load the media in and let the machine do all the work.

It auto-aligns the margin of every sheet and even has the capacity of holding two rolls of continues paper. On the other hand, the output that comes out of the machine is stacked on the tray with a maximum capacity of 50 sheets. Any paper can be used of up to A1 size.

Convenient Unattended Printing Is Possible

Apart from the ease that is brought by the touch panel, you can also let the machine print out documents without constantly keeping an eye on it. It can be loaded with a 300-foot roll of paper which is automatically loaded into the machine as it does its work. The long length is advantageous, especially with large drawings or photos.

Mobile Printing Capability

With this equipment, you can mobile print and scan via several apps, such as Apple AirPrint, and HP All-in-One Printer Remote. It supports most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets too. This means you don’t need to access a computer just to send a print job. You can do so right from your mobile device.

Email printing is also supported. If you need a hard copy of a document attached in your email, you can send it directly to the HP Designjet T2530 and you will get a printout in no time.

Talk about printing on the go, right?

Eco-Friendly with Less Power Consumption

Lastly, the Designjet T2530 is designed to be less harmful to the environment. With a consumption of 120 Watts while in print mode and 1.3 Watts while in sleep mode, you are sure that the power usage is kept to a minimum. Also, this has been registered to EPEAT Bronze and was certified by ENERGY STAR which guarantees its eco-friendliness.

All things considered, it can be said that Hewlett-Packard is offering another great product with Designjet T2530. It is an outstanding printer perfect for both commercial and personal use.

Interested to get on for your office or home office? Check it out from Global Office Machines, your one-stop shop for printer sales and repairs. Call them right now and order today.

Powerful Reasons Why the Designjet T520 Is Perfect for Your Office

The HP Designjet T520 is what you need to deliver graphics-heavy documents, maps, and architectural designs with accurate lines and sharp details. With a resolution of up to 2400 dpi, a high-quality printout is guaranteed.

If you are a professional graphic artist that needs to create maps, architectural blueprints, and photos, you need a web-connected, large-format printer, which is a good investment for your graphics and design office.

Printers vary in sizes, shapes, brands, and functions. For offices that need low to medium print volume, a regular printer model is highly recommended. But large-scale companies that require a printer that can deliver medium to high print volumes need advanced models.

Suffice to say that your printing needs will dictate the kind of printer you buy.

The HP Designjet T520 is categorised as an entry-level printer, designed for low-volume printouts. It is available in 24 and 36 inches.  

Why is the Designjet T520 from HP a great choice?

Achieve sharp details and professional results

For the type of business that you have, you need to have a printer that achieves accuracy and precision from source to print media. That is, the printout should be as close, if not 100% similar, as the design on your computer.

The HP Designjet T520 can do just that and can even work on complex files at high speed with its HP-GL/2 technology and 1GB RAM. Thanks to its Original HP inks, your office will experience reduced downtime and increased productivity.


Easy Printing and User-Friendly Features

What’s great about the HP Designjet T520 is that it has an intuitive 4.3-inch touchscreen that can help you navigate your way around the settings. When you want to complete your work quickly and with a high level of accuracy, take advantage of the true print previews.

The HP Designjet T520 can print up to 36 inches wide and comes with a front-loading roll and a built-in B+ Tray. It is also equipped with an automatic cutter.

Print anytime, anywhere!

The best part about the HP Designjet T520 is that you can print virtually anywhere at any time.

The printer has a built-in Wi-Fi for easier connectivity options and more convenient printing experience. Together with mobile capabilities, you can print practically from anywhere. Just use the HP Designjet ePrint & Share to access and print your project on the go and save on the cloud. Use your Apple or Android smartphone to get the job done. You can even email your projects to the printer directly via the Web Connectivity features.

Easy handling

Outside of the printer features, this machine is made of a combination of plastic and metal, which accounts for it being lightweight and easy to transport. In the event that you need to have it fixed, taking it to repair centres will not be cumbersome. Of course, you don’t have to drag the printer along if you hire printer repair specialists that offer on-site repairs.

It is hard to find a printer that suits your budget and needs in this digital world that is growing each and every day. But if you are looking for an outstanding printer that can deliver the needs of your studio, you definitely need an HP Designjet T520.

For more information about the Designjet T520 from HP, contact Global Office Machines right now.


5 Reasons HP DesignJet T930 Printer Is A Must Have in Every Office

Even though the paperless revolution is at hand, there is no denying that printers are still a staple for every office or business across the globe. It will be a rare occurrence to not own one, even if you are simply working from home.

What more if you operate a small business?

With the constant need for getting a document printed out on paper, this machine will stay around for a long time.

Printers have gone through a lot of changes throughout the years. From a single-function equipment, comes a machine that can copy, scan, and fax at the same time. Most of them have ridden the mobile connectivity wagon as well, with mobile printing capabilities integrated into them.

A wide selection of devices, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones, can be connected to a printer for mobile or remote printing.

Moreover, gone are the days when printers perform sluggishly.

Since most people want to work fast, slow printing machines are a huge turn off for those who value efficiency in performance. Old models have been exchanged with laser printers for better print quality and faster output.

One good example of an excellent printer is the HP DesignJet T930 Printer series. Created by the technology company, Hewlett-Packard, this printer series has a lot of great features that businesses, particularly those in the design and graphics industry, will greatly benefit from.

It is the printer you need for GIS and CAD applications and other printing needs.

What the HP DesignJet T930 Guarantees

1. High-Quality Printing

Impress your clients and colleagues with an excellent output. Because of its high-resolution graphics and precise line accuracy, you are assured of an outstandingly detailed printout with a wide colour gamut perfect for coloured and black and neutral grey graphics. Drawings, maps, and plans are printed with fine line quality and at a resolution of up to 2400 dots per inch, perfect for high-quality images.

2. Efficient and Quick

In just about 21 seconds, the printer will spit out a printout on D/A1 sized documents. This means you spend less time waiting to print and more time to be productive in the office. You also save time with its remote and mobile printing capabilities.

Media handling is just as quick and efficient with an automatic front-loading roll feed for input and an integrated output stacking tray for output. Printouts come out flat and collated. An automatic cutter is also available.

3. Safe and Secure

You may also find this printer model particularly helpful. With security protocols, such as IPSec, SNMPv3, PIN printing, 802.1x, and other options, you now have the capability to safeguard private information. Meanwhile, when you want to configure and manage your printer remotely, you may do so with an HP-embedded Web Server.

4. Eco-friendly

Certified by ENERGY STAR and registered by EPEAT Bronze, the HP DesignJet T930 provides you free and convenient recyclable printheads and HP ink cartridges.  It also has an FSC certification and a take-back program for a variety of recyclable HP media. So if you are environmentally conscious, you have the assurance that this product and its consumables are good for the environment.  

5. Mobile-ready

There are different printing paths for connectivity in the HP DesignJet T930. Apart from standard printing, you can also save precious time when you directly print documents through a USB, tablet, or smartphone. Furthermore, you can also connect your phone to this printer through a common wireless network or through a mobile application, HP Mobile Printing, which is compatible for both iOS and Android phones.


For these reasons, the HP DesignJet T930 is indeed perfect for any office. You may select two models in this printer series – the 36-inch L2Y21A model and the 36-inch L2Y22A PostScript model. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a highly productive day where printing is concerned.

If you have more questions regarding this HP printer series, feel free to call Global Office Machines. Our sales representative will be ready to take your call and answer your queries.

3 Common Mistakes in Setting Up a Printer


Given the widespread use of electronic documents along with increased environmental awareness, paper copies become less necessary each passing day. PDFs and the like can be sent instantly across the globe and are heaven-sent for travellers.

Still, holding a piece of paper with your data on it remains advantageous. This is why many business people still consider printers as a necessity in their offices. For them, hard copies remain usable and convenient for certain operations and processes.

The problem is that printers are only a thing of beauty when all systems are a go. When software or hardware do not function as they should, frustrating and costly delays occur. In some cases, it could merely be an issue about a wrong setup so here are some tips to address common mistakes when you’re installing a printer in your office:

Incorrect Way of Connecting

In the box, you should be able to find a cable included with the machine. Usually, it’s a USB cable but sometimes it can be an Ethernet cable. One end should be plugged into the printer while the other should be connected to the PC, laptop, router, and etc.

Wireless models are a bit more challenging to set up than the traditional USB type. Hence, you must carefully work through the instructions that came with your equipment. It can be necessary for you to enable the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so that it will be part of the right network.

Software Not Installed Right

Appropriate software and drivers need to be installed on the device you want to print from. Sometimes, in older models, drivers from a CD or DVD might be outdated so you’ll have to download the latest version online. You may check the manufacturer’s website for this information or file.

High-end lasers and select inkjets also come with a choice of drivers including PCL and PostScript. It could be that the manufacturer’s host-based driver might not be good enough for your needs. Generally, PostScript is great for graphics-intensive industries and applications while PCL is ideal for faster office printing. Take your pick to see what best suits your needs.

Not sure if your office has a network setup ready for a wireless printer? Call in computer experts to run some checks and set it up if it’s nonexistent.

Wrong Image Quality Setup

Does your output look unprofessional or sloppy? You must have done something wrong in putting together the machine or in choosing the settings. Some laser printers need you to adjust the fuser to match the paper type. If it can be adjusted manually, you must check that it’s set properly.

When your final product still appears terrible, look at the imaging unit(s) or toner cartridges. Maybe you accidentally damaged a component or caused one to fall out of its correct placement while you were tinkering with the machine. Parts can vary by manufacturer or model, so refer to the manual for tips.

Leave It to the Experts

Some people think that setting up a printer can be as easy as pie but they could still make the above mistakes in the process. For this reason, it’s better to just put it in the hands of professionals like us here at Global Office Machines. Not only do we supply new printers of many kinds but we even provide printer repairs. If you get us to handle the job, all you need to worry about is what you should print.

3 Ways on How You Can Share a Printer over Multiple Devices


A shared printer at home or in the office can be quite troublesome. Not only are you sharing with dozens of others people but, sometimes, on a busy day, you might end up waiting on queue just to get your turn to print documents.

Furthermore, getting multiple printers for each office worker might not be a good idea at all. Aside from the inconvenience, this is obviously not a cost-effective solution since you have to spend on not just added electricity costs, but also the ink cartridges, refills, and repairs.

Good thing there are printer repair companies that offer priority services and on-road services to ensure your printer is up and running before the day ends.

When it comes to the struggles of printer sharing over the network, there are ways for you to address this conundrum. By finding out the type of printer you have, you can tell what method of sharing you can use. There are many ways for you to connect a printer to different devices and computers. Printing out documents from tablets, phones, and laptops will be a lot easier if you know how to do it.

Here are some of the common ways for you to share a single printer to multiple devices, so you can decide which configuration you would want to utilise.

Wireless Connection

Most likely, while playing through your phone, you have stumbled upon an option to print a document. Yes, this a function included in most smartphones, and it is possible for you to use your phone in connecting to a printer.

Like most of the printers today, you can use wireless capability to connect directly to a network. This feature is most common in middle and high-end models, which are probably Plug-and-Play devices detectable by a word processor or browser. Thus, giving a distinct advantage of utility that is simple and easy to set-up and detect.

But the only downside of this option is that you still need to configure and set up a wireless network for this to work. Once the configuration and connection of the wireless network are finished, you can then install and wirelessly connect the printer to each device.

You may refer to your user’s manual for information under “How to Connect to A Network Printer” for instructions on how you can install a wireless printer to your device.

Network server

One common method of sharing a printer, and you might have been using this at work for a long time, is connecting through a host computer.
A host computer is a device that allows the sharing of a single printer to numerous client computers within its network. The connection server works either through internet connectivity or through a Local Area Network or LAN.

Preferred by most offices because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness, this allows you to connect to a distant printer and automatically print out a document. So you will no longer have to race against your co-workers just to get to the printer first.

Sharing a printer through a computer server means the host computer must be turned on at all times. Furthermore, you also have to set up a network and install a printer to your host computer in order for this to work.

Dedicated Print Server

Unlike connecting your PC to a host through a local server, you also have another wireless option and this time it is with the use of a different kind of machine.
A print server is a hardware device that enables you to connect to numerous client computers within a wireless network. Not only does this give you the ability to control and print remotely, this also solves your problem with tangled cords and cables.

The device is capable of taking in multiple print jobs from different machines such as laptops and desktop computers, and queuing these according to order. Furthermore, its ancillary functions would include reordering or deleting waiting print jobs and counting document pages.

Besides, this has an advantage over other methods since you still can print documents even when the host computer is turned off or unavailable. This works by setting up a printer network, thus allowing the use of a printer even without the main computer. Yet, this comes at an expense, since you will need to spend money on procuring this device and setting up a wireless network.

Connecting your device to a printer is easy. Just check which of these methods is possible and more convenient. Moreover, make sure that your device is compatible with the printer you are about to use. Just check the specifications to be sure of the device compatibility.

If you need help with setting up a device or need to buy a new office printer, do not hesitate to get in touch with Global Office Machines. Our customer representative will be waiting to answer your call and your queries.

Selecting Multifunction Printers for Mid-Size Offices in Sydney

We are a company that offers onsite printer setup and repair in Sydney. Over the years, our technical and sales teams have been gone to various offices and have done business with mostly small and medium enterprises. As we have catered to a huge number of these types of clients, we stay updated as to what makes an efficient and economical office work printer in the eyes of SMEs.

The Advantage of Using MFPs as Office Work Printers

Our sales and technical teams, who are the frontliners in this line of business, said that multifunction printers are the commonly used printers in most mid-size offices all around Sydney. Client feedback typically emphasises on the advantages of MFPs for almost all kinds of businesses—from small to large corporations.

MFPs are built with the capability to print, copy, scan, and fax documents in compact designs. Their primary attributes contribute to their space and time-saving advantage. Instead of using four different machines for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, replacing them with a multifunctional office work printer will save a lot of space. Aside from that, maximising expense ceiling, as well as increasing profit by cutting maintenance costs can be possible.

Using an MFP as an office work printer can save not only money. It can also help reduce waste and energy consumption. Connecting it to a network that every employee can use can greatly save time and energy. Also, it uses the same ink tanks for all features, reducing waste from these consumables.

Choosing a Multifunction Laser Printer for Your Office

A laser printer is known as the most practical printer used for commercial purposes because of its capability to print documents in bulk. Unlike an inkjet type, it uses dry ink (known as toner), and mostly has a monochrome output. The laser printing process involves “drawing” of the document by a laser to a charged image drum. The toner is then infused and placed on the paper using electrical charge.

Multifunctional laser monochrome printers may come with a pricey initial cost, but will eventually have a low running cost. Color laser printers, on the other hand, are 10 times more expensive than the monochrome type. This is because toner can last longer that an inkjet cartridge, making it economical in the long run. Another thing is that text printed through a laser printer won’t smudge when wet.

When talking about printer languages, most laser printers are controlled through a page description language following the Printer Control Language (PCL) standard. PCL is cheaper compared to PostScript PDL though it still delivers high quality output.

When choosing a multifunction office work printer, you need to consider the following:

  • Determine the type of documents you are usually printing. Also, consider the number of pages you need to print in a day or within the week.
  • Evaluate your process norms to help you decide which type of laser printer you should buy. Consider the media you use, volume of printouts to determine the number of paper trays that you need, and the number of paper you need in a continuous printing process.
  • Try to compare printing quality, speed specs, and resolutions of different printer brands.
  • Consider evaluating if the printer can print envelopes, card stocks, transparent papers.
  • Find out warranties and post-sale services.

Multifunction Printer Maintenance

When you encounter trouble with your office work printer, your office operation will suffer. We at Global Office Machines offer multifunction printer repair services wherever you are in Sydney so contact us right away in the event of a printer issue. Some of the brands we service are Canon, HP, Sharp, and Brother. You can book our services or call our office anytime at 1300 882 852 or (02) 9874 4411.

How HP Printers Make a Positive Impact on Australia’s Environment

hewlett packard corporate headquarters

There are many factors that industries must consider when buying office supplies and equipment. But one of the most important these days is related to the environment. Because Hewlett-Packard printers support and honour such ideals, the brand has become so popular in Australia, especially in Melbourne, Cairns, Sydney, and other cities.

In fact, the revolutionary initiative for the preservation of the environment which the HP Company has taken became its new milestone for continuous success. HP Printers is making a big impact in the environment, especially in Australia.

The Birth of HP’s Printer Cartridge Recycling

Hewlett Packard services and recycling advocacy have extended 20 miles southeast of Nashville in Smyrna, Tennessee where you can see an 80,000 square foot warehouse in which high-end production and recycling machines are housed. Since 2001, HP’s Smyrna plant opened and pioneered its use of a closed-loop recycling program. It manufactured the first ever completely recycled cartridges released in 2005.

The number of plastics being recycled between 2007 and 2011 has been impressive, and it continued to increase since then. Millions of pounds of recyclable plastics are being used by HP for its printer cartridges. Thanks to HP’s initiative, there is also an increasing number of plastic bottles removed from landfills. Now, HP has become one of the biggest contributors to Australia’s recycling program.

HP Latex Technology and the Environment

Over the years, printer companies make solvent and eco-solvent inks for wide-format printing and small-scale home use until the Hewlett Packard released a new HP multifunction printer that uses latex ink after the introduction of HP Latex technology in 2008. As one of the most sustainable companies in the world, HP continues to become the leading environmental advocate. They create various consumer awareness initiatives that magnify the benefits of using latex ink in the preservation of our ecosystem.

The people behind the success of HP help to solve the environmental issues that the world is facing through manufacturing not only the eco-friendly latex ink but also completely recycled ink cartridges. Through HP Planet Partners program in more than 50 countries, customers are given green and white envelopes to be used for the mailing of used ink cartridges back to HP headquarters for recycling, thus, closing the loop.

HP Recycling Program Goes Beyond Printer Cartridges

HP doesn’t only focus on recycling ink cartridges and manufacturing eco-friendly latex inks. They also pioneered the manufacturing of HP consumer photo paper using recycled fibre, reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles, and foam cushions and Clearview packaging for shipping high-end HP printers for sale. Even purchasing of renewable energy has become another milestone for HP to continually support environmental preservation. Now, Hewlett Packard Sydney is a member of Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP).

Go Green with HP

As a manufacturing company, Hewlett-Packard isn’t only a maker of quality printing lines. They are also one of the dignified leaders of environmental advocates that aim to continually preserve what’s left of the surroundings. Their signature printer ink HP Latex, as well as their other product lines, give utmost benefits not only to the environment but to the masses as well.


HP Latex among others is best for wide format printing operators, as well as for end-consumers. Also, HP products contribute a lot for the betterment of the environment and sustainability, and for encouraging people from different walks of life to take responsibility for the disposal of their office waste materials.

In line with HP’s compliance for environmental concerns, Global Office Machines, leading provider of printer sales and repair services, is offering a wide range of energy-efficient multipurpose printers both for wide-format and small-scale printing. They also offer printer repairs offsite and onsite. Just contact 1300 882 852 for a pre-repair assessment.

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