Wide Format Printer Sales

Wide format printer for sale

Wide format (also known as ‘large format’) printing has enjoyed a surge of popularity as hazy returns on digital advertising drive thousands of businesses back to print media. Global Office Machines sells wide-format printers that are economical, easy to operate and incredibly versatile. Ideal for printing magnificent artwork and captivating graphics, our wide format printer models offer a proven way to boost real-world engagement with your customers. Whether your team wants to print outdoor signs for restaurants, launch a local ad campaign, or set up banners at a trade show, then large format printing is a great option.

Wide Format Printer Sales in Sydney

Wide format printers create large and magnificent images for use as banners, signs, wall art, signage and much more. If you have a high demand for wide format printing, save money by investing in one of these extremely powerful office machines.

All of GOM’s wide format printers come with superior setup and aftercare services. As you browse our products, consider four great benefits that our wide format printers offer to businesses throughout Sydney and the surrounding region.

  • Energy Saving Modes: GOM’s large format printers can operate at maximum production for hours at a time. However, this can skyrocket your power bill. Fortunately, most wide format printers sold by Global Office Machines feature energy saving modes (such as machines with Energy Star Labels) that help keep costs down.
  • Rock-solid maintenance: GOM’s expert technicians will deliver your precious investment and keep it running in optimal condition. If you use your machine frequently, consider weekly cleanings. In particular, it’s important to clean print heads and other areas where print media might come into contact with the printer.
  • Consulting for Ink and Media Types: Large format laser printers can only print on certain types of media, with a limited range of inks. If you use a new printer with incompatible media or ink, expect a disaster that warranties won’t cover. Before purchasing a printer, consider carefully the type of media and ink your desired printer uses.
  • Account Managers: These tools are used to calculate exact costs for each print job. They can also calculate exactly how much paper and ink you is required to finish a project.
  • Colour Control: Large-format printers give incredibly precise control over colour and image quality. For example, some of GOM’s higher-end wide format printer models have built-in spectrophotometers, which can be used to calibrate colours, to ensure consistent results across large print runs. GOM technicians can set up ICC profiles supplied by the manufacturer, or else create custom profiles that better meet your project specifications.