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If your office is in need of a new photocopier, a refurbished photocopier can be sourced in the Sydney area to help you to cut down on expenses. Purchasing a refurbished photocopier is a smart choice, particularly if you are on a budget, as you will still stand to gain the performance and flexibility of a brand new machine. Global Office Machines stand by their products and servicing. We can supply you with a reliable refurbished photocopier in Sydney that’s equipped with the latest features and technological advancements, necessary to handle all of your business copying needs and more. We also back our products with replacement guarantees, should you not be happy with its performance.

Our highly qualified team of technicians ensure each of our latest models available for purchase has been expertly repaired, quality tested and approved to ensure the refurbished model is capable of meeting the demands required for a fast-paced Sydney office or business workplace. Buy, lease, rent or use our managed print services in Sydney with the latest photocopiers and multi-function laser printer/ photocopier models for copying, scanning, printing and faxing. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Office Refurbished Photocopiers?

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of using a refurbished photocopier is the amount of money you’ll save by opting for a second-hand copier over a new one. Our refurbished photocopiers are a cheaper alternative to buying a brand-new model but offer many of the same benefits and features, including two-sided scanning and wireless network connectivity options.

Increased Production

Our refurbished copiers are designed for efficiency to maximise your production and grow your business. They’re both reliable, high-performing and customisable so you can configure the machine to suit your individual printing, copying, scanning and faxing needs.

Repaired by Experts

All of our refurbished photocopiers have been expertly refurbished and repaired by our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians. When you buy, lease or rent one, you can be sure all parts will have been expertly serviced, replaced or improved as needed to ensure its functioning at full capacity and can meet every business demand. 

Global Office Machine photocopiers come with an extended warranty and we’re also available for ongoing maintenance and repairs to keep your used copier in top condition.

Less Environmental Impact

You can cut down on your environmental impact when choosing a refurbished photocopier in Sydney. There is significantly more energy put into manufacturing and shipping a new copier than there is in rebuilding one with a minimum of parts needing to be replaced.

Why Trust Global Office Machines with Your Refurbished Photocopiers in Sydney?


  • We’re a HP authorised service centre with multiple brands of refurbished photocopiers available
  • Extensively trained and experienced team of technicians dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction
  • Same-day service for Sydney-based businesses and surrounding areas
  • Competitive rental and leasing plans over a fixed period
  • A one-stop-shop for all of your printer and photocopier sales, repairs, servicing and supplies
Refurbished HP Photocopier

Quality Second-Hand Photocopiers in Sydney

Make a budget-friendly move for your business and invest in a high-performing used copier with multifunctional features at a discounted cost. Speak to one of our experts today about buying or leasing a refurbished photocopier in Sydney and let us find you the best solution for you and business needs.