Laser Printers from the Top Brands in Sydney

Laser printers are fantastic machines for small and medium businesses, offering rapid printing in exceptional quality. In comparison to inkjet printers, where droplets or ink are shot across a page, laser printers are inkless and use toner to create precise and high speed print outs. Laser jet printers work in a similar way to photocopiers – using a laser beam to scan across a drum insider the printer which creates static electricity. This static electricity adheres the toner to the paper, which is then set using a fuser unit. This process makes laser printers much more efficient and cost effective than traditional inkjet printers with one toner cartridge able to produce thousands of beautifully clear print outs.

When buying a laser printer the first decision is whether to buy a monochrome printer – if black and white printing is sufficient for your documents and print outs – or a colour laser printer if your projects should be in vivid colour. The second is between a traditional printer network setup, or a wireless configuration. Many of our Sydney clients tell us that eliminating wires with a wireless laser printer streamlines their printing process and creates a neat and functional work space. With the best laser printer range on offer in Sydney, we will be able to help you purchase the printer to increase both the quality and speed of your print outs. Browse our laser printers on sale below to find the right machine for your business. If the printer you are looking to buy is not in our current selection then give us a call on 1300 882 852. As an established printer retailer in Sydney we are able to source most makes and models of printer on your behalf.