Make an Enquiry about Large Format Printer Sales for Your Office

If you are looking to buy a large format printer then let us find the most cost effective solution for you. Large format printers (also known as wide format printers) are the first choice of printer for design professionals due to their ability to print mock ups in a large format, making design concepts easy to communicate and visualise. They are an indispensable machine for anyone looking to print out photographs or images in a size larger than A4 or A3 as offered by conventional printers. However taking advantage of this functionality is not limited to businesses in this niche. Every business relies on effective tools for project management to keep their communications and daily work moving. Many employ the use of large format printers on a daily basis to print out detailed cross-departmental campaign plans or huge spreadsheets that won’t scale down to fit a standard print size. By investing in a large format printer, you won’t need to waste time piecing together A4 sheets, and can rely on your new printer for professional and high quality print outs.

With a wide range of HP DesignJet large format printers on sale, as well as KIP colour and mono Multifunction machines you can rely on the experts at GOM to guide you on purchasing the right large format model and secure its longevity. We can consult you right from the buying phase and streamline your printing process. To buy the best large format printer for your needs, contact Global Office Machines. We have a wide range of large format printers for sale, from small home-office models to juggernaut machines that power mass printing giants with duty cycles of tens of thousands of pages per month. We also sell other types of printer and large format paper to fit your new machine. Browse the selection of new and refurbished printers for sale below.

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