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At Global Office Machines we are specialists in printer solutions, be that in advising you on which type of printer is right for your business of what to do when your Ricoh printer breaks down. Printers are a mainstay of the conventional office, used for internal communication but also to send out documents and print outs to clients and customers representing your brand. They also often offer multifunction capabilities such as scanning, copying and faxing. This heavy reliance on such an important central piece of office equipment means that if your printer should suddenly break down, so too does your workflow. If your Ricoh printer is faulty call Global Office Machines to book an appointment with a specialist immediately on 1300 882 852.

Importance of Qualified Repairs

Ricoh repairs should be performed as soon as they are detected by a trained and qualified technician who is specialised in your machine type. This is to prevent further any damage to your machine. Delaying the repair could lead to a larger more permanent problem so establishing a relationship with a reputable printer repairs service provider such as GOM should be a priority when you start to notice issues with your office equipment. We employ a large pool of skilled technicians including specialists in Ricoh printer repairs. When booking a printer repair service with us we will send out the technician who is most familiar with the make and model of your machine. This ensures a fast and efficient repair, proven by the fact that 98% of the printers we repair are fixed on the first visit to your business.

Convenience as a priority

When your printer goes down and productivity is threatened, the first priority is how fast your Ricoh printer problem can be solved. To minimise disruption to the daily workings of your office, we endeavour to fix your printer onsite, and carry a comprehensive catalogue of spare printer parts in our mobile workshop vans. In the unikely event that we are unable to fix your broken Ricoh printer with the tools and spares at hand within the day we will arrange for prompt and safe transportation of your printer to our main Sydney service centre to get to the root of the problem. In exchange we will loan you a replacement printer for free, and install it in your office so your team can continue functioning. If you want us to be the solution to your printer problem then get in touch with Global Office Machines today.