Improve productivity and enjoy a swift printing service with the new improved HP Colour LaserJet Managed A3 E786dn

Custom solutions built to last

Equipped with 3 Print Speed Choices-25/30/35 ppm and 6 modern colors for workplace styling, the HP Colour LaserJet Managed A3 E786dn is equipped to fit all your printing needs.

Reach peak productivity

Improve printing speeds with HP’s Designed Powerful QuadCore Processor. Print, copy, and scan different documents at full speeds that maximize work efficiency and make work easy.

Equipped with HP Wolf Security

Keep your documents secure with the HP LaserJet e786dn printer. A machine you can count on. The new HP Colour LaserJet Managed A3 E786dn is equipped with HP Wolf Security to protect your documents from malware and other security threats.

Better choice for the planet

Choose sustainability products that work well with the environment. The HP LaserJet E786dn printer is made from sustainable products in line with Hp’s sustainability promise.

 The HP Colour LaserJet Managed E786dn is your Printer & Photocopier.

All in One Place.

Print & Copy

25 PPM

Standard Built-in Speed


30 PPM

Upgraded with 8EP56AAE Licence


35 PPM

Upgraded with 8EP57AAE Licence

Paper Tray

MP Tray

up to A3, 100 sheets


Tray 1

up to A4, 520 sheets


Tray 2

up to A3, 520 sheets


Tray 3 & 4 (additional options)

up to A3, 520 sheets


Duplex Scanning


90 ipm single sided  (Simplex)

180 ipm double sided (Duplex)


Scan to email, network folder, share point



Wireless and Fax are Optionals

Output Bin

500-sheets output bin

ADF Capacity

200-sheets, up to A3

Asset 1

Equipped with 10.1 inch Colour Touch Screen Display

The wide 10.1-inch color touch screen display with industry leading WXGA resolution at 1280 x 800 dpi makes user experience top-notch. Print, scan, and copy numerous files and documents with your copier without errors quickly to improve productivity and work speeds.

Powered by QUAD-CORE 1.6 GHz Processor Unit

Enjoy the best processing speeds with the Colour LaserJet Managed A3 E786DN Quad-core processor. Unlock up to 7x printer speeds that speed up copying, scanning, and printing in ways that make work easy.


Your Office, Your Style.

We Make It Happened.

With 6 colour panels, customizing your printer according to your décor has never been easier. Select the colour that matches your current décor and change out the panels whenever you want something new. Your workplace décor can now flow cohesively throughout.

Available Colour :

  • Turquoise
  • Red
  • Violet
  • Military Green
  • Amber
  • Gray

Secured With

HP Wolf Enterprise Security


Always On Guard with HP Wolf Security

HP Managed MFPs are the world’s most secure printing devices in the industry. They’re always on the lookout, continually stopping threats while adapting to new ones.

Only HP printers can automatically self-heal from attackes, so IT doesn’t need to intervene. For peace of mind, HP Wolf Enterprise Security is included in the HP Colour LaserJet Managed E786DN so you can feel protected whether you are collaborating, on premise, or via the cloud.

Stop the threat. Cyber attack is everywhere.

Always-On Protection

  • HP Sure Start checks the BIOS/boot code at start up to validate the integrity of the BIOS code
  • Memory Shield active system monitoring with expanded memory protection from malware injection attacks
  • Whitelisting checks firmware during startup to help ensure it’s authentic, good code-digitally signed by HP

Always-On Detection

  • Protects with zero-day detection of threats
  • Prevents malware attacks by ensuring that the execution flow on the device cannot be altered
  • Self-heals and reboots to a safe state of operation when malware is detected

Enterprise-wide Security

  • HP Security Manager offers an effective, policy-based approach to help secure HP printinng and imaing devices.

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