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Samsung Service Centre Sydney

When a Samsung printer breaks down, usually the first thing that crosses your mind is who to call and how long is this problem going to last. Call 1300 882 852 now or fill in the booking form below to book in a Samsung printer service with our friendly staff as soon as possible.

Wireless printer servicing
The beauty of modern technology is the amount of devices with wireless functionality that make everyday tasks easier and efficient. This includes the majority of printers being produced brand new for the market today. Models like the Samsung Printer Xpress C430W can print on multiple networks, be it Wi-Fi, Samsung Mobile Print or the Google Cloud print experience. Whichever is the preferred technology in your office, it can be highly frustrating when you run into connectivity issues, and the computer and the printer in front of you refuse to link up. Our Samsung printer service centre technicians and been faced with this issue numerous time and can tackle a faulty wireless adapter with ease to put an end to your printer stress.

All in one printer repairs
All in one printers are complicated to repair because the machines are a combination of four office tools which can all present their own issues – the printer, scanner, copier and fax. This makes the components smaller and more sensitive should a repair be needed. For example, in the all in one Samsung Printer Xpress C1810W Samsung’s engineers have created a compact multitasking machine that requires professional attention should it break down. Our technicians have the specialist tools and knowledge required to carry out sophisticated repairs in a short amount of time.

Why choose us
We are one of the most experienced Samsung service centres in Sydney. A licensed reseller of Samsung machines, we have been working with these machines since 1996. Our technicians are equipped with the right training and the right knowledge from the tech giant itself. Our 20 years of experience means that our customers are satisfied with our service. To prove that, we have a 98 percent first day repair rate.

In addition to that, we provide a 3 month warranty on all parts used to replace any faulty ones. We also provide a full month worth of warranty to all repairs done by our technicians. And in case the repair job is not finished within the day, we can always loan you a machine to help you with your business processes.

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