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Xerox PrinterXerox is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the printer manufacturing industry. Founded in 1906, its first foray into printing equipment was in the 1930s with the invention of the process of printing with toner. Should your Xerox printer be in need of repair, it is important to call out a specialist to determine the root cause of the problem and give you options to fix it quickly to avoid long term damage to your machine. Printing is most businesses is now centralised, with multiple staff members reliant on one machine for their print outs, scans and copies. When a printer breaks down, the work schedules and communications of a whole department or office can be abruptly brought to a halt. To book an expert to fix your Xerox printer call Global Office Machines printer repairs service on 1300 882 852 and we will send out a skilled technician to get you back on track.



Long term repair solutions

GOM wants to secure long term printing and maintenance solutions for all of our new and returning customers. Sydney businesses benefit from this commitment each month, as we maintain and repair the machines from over 500 companies in the local area. If one of our technicians needs to replace a part of your broken Xerox printer, we provide a 3 month guarantee on all new components to secure the long term smooth running of your machine. Our technicians travel with a large selection of spare parts in their mobile repair vans for different models of Xerox printers, and can also source rare parts locally in the unlikely event that we do not have them to hand. As part of our stellar customer service we also create customised service agreements for each business we work with, meaning we will be able to agree on a permanent service solution that works for you.

Accuracy in Xerox repairs

One of the reasons that we have so many returning customers in Sydney is due to our 98% first visit repair success rate, which attests to the competence of our skilled technicians in Xerox printer repairs. Our experienced pool of repair experts undergo continuous training, so that they are prepared and adept at fixing brand new models of Xerox printers as well as old machines. We have specialists for every common make of printer, and if you contact us today, we will book you an appointment with the technician who is an expert in the repair of your particular machine.

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Xerox printer sales

Apart from operating Sydney’s premier printer repairs service, Global Office Machines also specialises in Xerox printer sales in Sydney and all parts of Australia. Browse through our Xerox products below:

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