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Printer Plotters For Sale

Plotter printers are output devices most often used for computer design applications that output large vector designs like architecture blueprints. Plotters move a mechanical pen to draw line art that reproduces vector graphics that were created on a computer.

The two main types of plotter printers available at Global Office Machines is as follows:

  • Flatbed plotters: the plotter moves a pen up, down, right and left onto a fixed paper to reproduce the image.
  • Drum plotters: these machines move the pen up and down, while the paper moves left and right by a rotating drum.

Plotters are most often used in conjunction with CAD software. Out is as blueprints, architectural drawings, and other types of technical drawings.

Differences Between Plotters and Wide Format Printers

Differences Between Plotters and Wide Format Printers

Wide-Format Printers (also called Large-Format Printers) are used to create larger prints (such as signs, murals, vinyl banners, window graphics). These can print on a variety of materials like glossy paper and vinyl signage. Because of quick turnaround and low cost, these printers are particularly popular among marketing and advertising departments.

On the other hand, a Plotter is used to make line drawings of graphs and diagrams, generally using automated pens, which are controlled by graphic files or computer commands. A big difference with plotters is the size of prints: they can print items anywhere from 24 inches wide to 6 feet wide. Plotter printers are most often used by engineers, architects and other professionals needing to print out technical drawings.

In terms of price, plotters generally cost more than wide format printers, and plotter ink is also more expensive.

Similarities Between Plotters and Wide Format Printers

Similarities Between Plotters and Wide Format Printers

Both plotters and wide-format printers are designed to print large high quality images. The main difference is how each prints images: plotters draw continuous lines, while wide format printers print in a series of dots.

Overall, the differences between the two types of printers is not too significant. Both use a lot of the same parts (RAM, mainboards, formatter cards, power consoles). In addition, both print and function in quite similar ways, regarding the end result.