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Handy Tips

Ever wondered how you can keep your printer working at its best and peak performance for the majority if not its entire life?

You don’t need to be a technician to ensure your printer keeps up; there are several simple procedures which will keep your machine at peak performance, whether it is an inkjet, multifunction device, fax, LaserJet, Plotter or wide format machine.

So what can you do?

Firstly, ensure that your machine has been turned off when it is not needed, in use or it is the end of working hours for the machine, this will provide your machine with the necessary time to recover from completing all of the work assigned.  Using the right consumables (toner, paper, drums etc) for your machine which will ensure your print quality is of the best. Making sure that your machine is not surrounded by clutter, that it is located in a position where it is clutter free, and has an overall cleanliness.

Secondly, one important and crucial procedure which is highly recommended by all manufacturers is that each machine receives a regular service/maintenance performed by a trained and qualified technician, this will prevent your machine from encountering many and costly repairs, the performance of the machine will remain at peak performance and the overall health of the machine will remain at optimum level.

When looking for further handy printer tips or to book in any service or repair, call Global Office Machines on 1300 882 852.

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