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HP Photocopier Repairs Sydney

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The photocopier has become an indispensable piece of office equipment in offices and organisations. During the working week, it is in use by multiple colleagues and if a copier ceases to work, this can leave frustrations among staff and delays to projects. If your HP machine is down, the first priority should be to find a company that can quickly and efficiently repair your photocopier. Give Global Office Machines a call on 1300 882 852 and let us deal with the problem effectively.

Even if the problem is small, repeated forced use of a broken machine could cause irreversible wear and tear to your photocopier. In time, small pieces of paper could well end up being wedged in the printer’s mechanism. Calling out professionals to solve a smaller problem now could avoid a bigger, more costly problem later on.

A recognised Hewlett Packard copier repair company will have skilled technicians able to deal with any problems that present themselves. Hewlett Packard produces multi-function laser printers that can copy, fax and scan along with other functions. There are also plotters, as well as specialised large format printers such as the HP Designjet series. Regardless of whether your machine is a straightforward trusty workhorse that your organisation has been using for decades or a sophisticated multi-function laser copier invaluable to your agency’s design projects, the disruption to your business can be contained if an expert is called out quickly.

At Global Office Machines, we strive to provide same day service for all HP photocopier repairs in Sydney. The best way to secure a fast service is to register the problem with us as soon as you detect it. If you book a service in the morning we will try and send out a repair technician the same day. As a licensed Hewlett Packard photocopier repair service as well as a reseller, we have a network of bases in the Sydney metropolitan area. Each base has a van on standby ready to deal with any copier repair problems. The vans come equipped with tools, components and replacement parts to repair a non-functioning copier. The mobile technicians that will come to you will be trained to deal with problems related to Hewlett Packard copiers. This training covers all major makes of copiers, printers, plotters, and multi-functioning machines.

If the copier can not be repaired on the site then, Global Office Machines will transport your Hewlett Packard copier to our repair centre in Sydney. If this should be necessary, we will supply you with a replacement copier free of charge for the duration of the repair. There will be a 3-month warranty on all new parts installed to get your HP copier working again. If the copier has to be fixed onsite, then there will be no charge for the second call-out fee. If more parts are required then a quote will be given for any additional parts and agreed upon, before any work starts. In the worst-case scenario, it could be that a copier has come to the end of the road. Advice can be given on a suitable replacement.

When choosing a Hewlett Packard copier repairs service in Sydney, you will want to decide on a company that has a service agreement to fit your needs and secure the long term smooth running of your repaired copier. GOM has a Managed Print Service. This covers the regular servicing of copiers, the replacement of consumables such as toner inks, and the management of any repairs. Monthly costs could be predicted, so any problems won’t cause a sudden deficit in your budget. We also offer an alternative to this with our PH4S agreement that still offers a comprehensive service but without a monthly charge. Get in touch and talk to one of our friendly Customer Service Team about the solution which works best for you.