The Cost of Colour Printers and Photocopiers

Printers and photocopiers are essential machines to have in an office especially those that require heavy paperwork. The ideal type and model differs in every business according to the volume of printed materials. Bigger equipment is needed for those that are constantly printing or those that print out big-sized handouts say A3 or A2 paper size. Given that, the cost of every colour printer and photocopier is also expected to be different from each other. Aside from the machine itself, there are also resources and other factors that affect the total cost.


By the end of the article, readers are expected to have a brief understanding as to why a machine is priced as such. This not only helps one understand the costs of printers and printing, but also helps out when trying to assess if the machine is worth the price it is being sold at. Take a look at these factors that make up the total cost of photocopiers and printing machines.

Hardware and Support

More often than not, it is the components and parts of a machine that makes the price different. The size usually is co-related to the price. Bigger ones are assumed to be pricier than others because the printer head, loading tray, and other mechanisms also have to be in a bigger size.

In terms of durability, a person checking out printers should also see if the components are strong enough to last for a long time. Some cheaper colour printers tend to breakdown faster in comparison to those that are priced for a higher amount.

womans hand with copier

Also, some cheaper brands do not have back-up support from its manufacturers. A few bucks added on the price can sometimes go a long way if the photocopier you bought has better product support. While a trustworthy printer and photocopier technician is easy to find, secure technical support is always a good countermeasure.

Capacity and Limitation

Another factor to consider is the capacity of a printer. It has already been established that different machines have different capabilities. With that, you can expect that high-capacity printers and photocopiers are more expensive than those that are for low volume printing. The best example to that are personal or home printers and office printers. If you think about it, getting a heavy-duty printer with a bigger capacity is a money-saver than getting two small printers with limited capacity.

Quality of Printing

Although not applicable to all machines, pricier photocopiers or printers usually have better outputs than those that are sold at a lower price. This can be because of the parts or the toner or ink used. Nonetheless, the quality of the printouts is also a major factor in the total cost of printing.


Resource Consumption

Lastly, the amount one spends in every page being printed out needs to be taken into consideration. To get this, one needs to know the total number of output in every bottle of toner or cartridge of ink. Opting to have a cheaper machine but ending up spending big for the ink and paper is counterproductive. A better deal is adding a bit more to the budget to get a more efficient printer or photocopier which has a lower consumption of ink for the same or a higher number of print outs.

In a nutshell, the price of a printer and a photocopier is always worth it, regardless how high it is, if the output it gives to users is satisfactory and meets all the needs. A quick comparison of products by checking its specifications or by reading product reviews will always come helpful. The colour printers for sale at Global Office Machines come with both specifications and reviews for the convenience of those shopping for printers.

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