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When you are in need of A1 paper for your wide format printing needs you need to consider what your expectations are in respect to the print sizing and the ultimate uses for these prints. The A1 paper sizing is a specific quality and sizing of paper where the print job originates from a compatible wide format printer or technical plotter. Designers, architects and those within construction industries often use these specialised printers on a professional basis to communicate internally with staff and externally with clients.

Here at Global Office Machines, we have a range of different A1 papers to suit a number of wide format printers. We also offer printer sales, leasing & rentals, supplies, and printer repairs.

A1 Size Paper Quality and GSM

The term GSM stands for substance weight, thus is identified as grams per square metre. Most often this refers to the thickness of the A1 paper size. Where there is a higher GSM, this can often mean that the paper is thicker and heavier, but it is not always the case. If you are looking for a higher quality A1 paper that is around the same weight but offers an enhanced colour print, then this is when having access to a product with ColorPRO Technology would be better suited. The HP Universal A1 bond paper performs with excellence, printing crisp text and graphical elements alongside producing striking results even at super fast print speeds. at GOM we are an authorised HP service centre and can help you with all your HP printing needs.

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A1 Paper Supplier – Sydney and Australia

Global Office Machines sell plain bond a1 paper by leading brands for professional use. Our selection of a1 size paper meets the needs of clients who have purchased one of our state-of-the-art wide format printers and plotters. 

We pride ourselves in our supply of the latest models, and in being fully stocked with all the supplies needed for your large format printer in Australia. Manufactured using innovative technologies that provide superior results, our A1 paper is designed to be durable and displays simple to complex graphics and text with accuracy, graphical clarity and line precision. 

Shop online for a1 paper in Sydney and throughout Australia and have your products delivered straight to your workplace ready for printing.

What is A1 Size Used for in Printing?


The A1 paper size is a specific type of wide-format paper that is commonly used by designers, architects, engineers and other businesses in the design and technology industries.


Used in wide format printers and plotters to create large posters, complex technical plans, advertising materials and more, when paired with our range of HP Designjet a1 printers, its size and durability produce print perfection. The user can produce a print where regardless of the size, even minute detailing can be captured with accuracy and colour brilliance.

What Types of A1 Paper Do We Stock?

At Global Office Machines there is a great range of lengths, widths and core sizes to suit every large printing project. Our impressive range makes us an a1 paper supplier you can trust for a high-quality bond paper that is durable and expertly manufactured. We take the needs of our clients seriously and only offer professional quality products a1 paper that displays vibrance in colour and precision detail that can be relied upon.

 Our a1 paper is available in single and value pack rolls by Canon, Global Office Machines and HP with the latter option utilising advanced ColourPRO Technology to deliver strikingly clear text and graphics with a matte finish. Find a1 paper in the following measurements:

  • Paper Length – 100m/ 150m/ 175m/ 45m/ 50m/ 91.4mm
  • Paper Width – 594mm/ 610mm/ 841mm
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Why Choose Global Office Machines For Quality A1 Paper in Australia?


  • Over 20 years supplying superior printing and copying equipment and supplies to businesses across Australia
  • Highly qualified and experienced team of technicians available for support and services
  • Latest wide format multifunction printers for use with our a1 paper by leading brands, including HP, Canon and Epson
  • One-stop-shop for all printing and copying sales, repairs, servicing and printing supplies

Discover the Superior Quality of Our A1 Paper

For a1 paper in Sydney and Australia that outperforms competing brands, choose Global Office Machines as your supplier. We have tested all of our supplies and ensure their professional quality. Shop our online range today, contact us or call our friendly team and we would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect paper for your printing and design projects.